Calling it a day

15 Nov/12 0

Hi Everyone,

I’ve had a lot of time to think recently, as illness and a very busy life have forced me to take a break from music. During that time, I have realised that it’s time to call it a day and step out of the trance scene.

My first love is my guitar. I’ve been feeling its call recently, and feel an urge to return to my roots, while at the same time, my enthusiasm for the music around which my life has revolved for 13 years (as a clubber, DJ, producer, and occasional record label owner and promoter) has waned and I don’t feel I can commit the passion and energy needed anymore.

I grew up on a more underground small-world vibe – almost a political movement as much as a party scene, in which the DJs were secondary to the party, and the party secondary to the people. I have increasingly felt out of place in the 2012, commoditised world of arena tours, DJ charts and relentless onlne promotion. Instead, I plan to put my engineering skills to good use making stuff to listen to, happily noodling to myself, free of the constraints of genres – and in my own time, free of any constraints of delivery dates!

I have a couple of new uplifting tunes in an almost-ready state, and plan to finish those if I can and get them released, so keep watching this space. Also, don’t unsubscribe to the podcast just yet – I intend to post up a goodbye episode sometime soon. Kit fetishists – keep watching out as I imagine there will be some studio equipment popping up on eBay soon.

For now, it remains to me to thank all of you for your support over the years, with a special thought for the listeners of my Machine Intelligence radio show and podcast, who have sent so many kind words since the show began. You made it a pleasure.

Have fun all of you.
Sly One

Tracklisting: Machine Intelligence 031

26 Sep/12 0

Back once again with the ill behaviour.  More twinkling progressive, tearing electro and honest-to-goodness 140BPM trance.  Get it here.

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  1. Blake Jarrell – Barbados [Armada]
  2. Solis & Sean Truby – Summer Heights [Infra Progressive]
  3. Organ Donors – Baptism of Fire [Perfecto]
  4. Audio Bastardz – Bionic [Energetic Sounds]
  5. Daleri – Touche [Trice]
  6. Matt Hardwick – Supernal (Reworked Dub) [KIll the Lights]
  7. Store N Forward – Sugar [Afterglow]
  8. Ashley Wallbridge – Grenade [AVA]
  9. Jase Thirlwall – Slam [Discover White]
  10. Paul Webster – Nailed (James Dymond Remix) [Captivating]
  11. Gary Proud – We Are [Discover]
  12. John O’Callaghan feat. Kathryn Gallagher – Mess of a Machine (Bryan Kearney Remix) [Armada]
  13. Morvan- Anima (Subimpact Remix) [Unearthed
  14. Allan Morrow - Down Under [Nu Depth]

Tracklisting: Machine Intelligence 030

29 Aug/12 0

This month, it’s yet another multi-genre journey, through progressive house, electro, prog trance, psy, uplifting and 140 trance.

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  1. Justin Michael feat. AJ from Saint Motel – Eyes Closed (Jerome Isma-Ae Dub Mix) [Zouk]
  2. Che Jose feat. Elephant Pilot – The fear (Chris Kaeser Dub) [Zouk]
  3. Anna Lee vs. Alex Teeb – Driving Juke (Iversoon & Alex Daf Remix) [Mondo]
  4. Ronski Speed – Proton12 (Ronski Speed & Cressida Remix) [Eupohonic]
  5. Ali Wilson – Lights of Aether (Original Mix) [Armind]
  6. Will Atkinson pres. Darkboy – Darker Shades of Black (Liquid Soul Remix) [Perfecto Fluoro]
  7. Paul Van Dyk feat. Arty – The Ocean (Eddie Bitar Remix) [Vandit]
  8. Infinite – Deep Identity (Touchstone Remix) [Defcon]
  9. Rikkaz – Amy [Infrasonic]
  10. Myk Bee – Soulfire (Running Man & Matt Trigle Remix) [Silent Shore White]
  11. Dmitry Golban – Next Time (ReOrder & Matt Trigle Remix) [Silent Shore White]
  12. Andrew Candid & John Dopping – Polarise (Thomas Datt Remix) [Nu Depth]
  13. Liquid Vision pres. LIKWID – Nothing Else Matters (Dark Mix) [Defcon]

Tracklisting: Machine Intelligence 029

24 Jul/12 0

It’s a massive month for both progressive and trance, and here’s the best!

  1. Hanski feat. Ren – Too Far [Perceptive Pure]
  2. Celauro – Warmth [Soundpiercing]
  3. Cenk Basaran – The Finger [Discover Deep]
  4. Oza & Vitodito – Kawaii (Dirty Club Mix) [Zouk]
  5. Jjoo – Sojoo [Infra Progressive]
  6. Ally Brown – Blueprint (Cristian Ketela Remix) [Discover Dark]
  7. Sean Tyas & Guiseppe Ottaviani – Arcobaleno (Club Mix) [Vandit]
  8. Dark Matters feat. Neev Kennedy – Loneliness Won’t Leave Me Alone (Sebastian Brandt Remix) [Armada]
  9. Andy Tau – Homeland (Solis & Sean Truby Remix) [Infrasonic]
  10. Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat. Sylvia Tosun – Antara (The Circle) (Dub Mix) [ASOT]
  11. DJ Ange – Bolche [Insight]
  12. Facade – Half Way Home (Kago Pengchi Remix) [Unearthed]
  13. Myk Bee – Green Lights [Crystal Source]

Tracklisting: Machine Intelligence 028

25 Jun/12 0

This episode takes a slightly more progressive tack overall. I’d like to think the sunny European weather is having an effect on the release schedules!

  1. Oliver Smith – Under the Wire [Anjunadeep]
  2. Joe Garston – Forever [Plasmapool]
  3. Miroslav Vrlik – Pyramid Peaks (Sylvermay Remix) [Perceptive]
  4. Oliver Smith – Progress (Nitrous Oxide Remix) [Anjunabeats]
  5. Johan Malmgren – Find You [ReBrand]
  6. Chris Schweizer – Iris [SoundPiercing]
  7. Chemical Bros. vs. Haslam vs. Reaky – Hey Girl, Boy, Crash, Bank (Reaky Mashup)
  8. David Moleon – I Love Kuku [Red Ribbon]
  9. Mark Leanings – whatever Happens (Arctic Moon Remix) [Subculture]
  10. Matt Davey – Evolution [ASOT]
  11. Electric Traveller pres. Elementia Project – Amsterdam Night Express (Running Man Remix) [Silent SHore White]
  12. Chris Corrigan – Edge of Heaven (Right Face Remix) [Nu Depth]
  13. Norland – Relay [Silent Shore White]